Washington DC/NYC Club Presents the J&M’s Dinners

Your Choice of either:

Tri Tip Dinner


Baked Garlic Chicken Dinner


All meals served with garlic

Mashed Potatoes and

Basque Style Green Beans and include Soup or Salad


Available for Dine-in or takeout

Redeemable September 18th and 19th 2018

Tickets are $20.00

Instructions for this Fundraiser:

1.  Each meal will sell for $20  

you keep $9 and turn in $11

2.  Be sure to write down the name of the person you sold to and their phone number and HOW Many tickets they bought and how much money they gave you

3.  Only cash can be turned in.  So, they can write a check; but it must be made out to you and You mush cash it and turn in cash.

4.  Cash and order forms must be turned in on _____________ Mr. Saindon at Freedom Middle School.... He will be there until 6PM in Room 204

5.  Once we turn in the money we will collect the tickets and you will need to pick them up _____________________ and pass them out to the people who bought them.

6.  They must use them on September 18 or 19  - Only!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dine in or dine out